8 Easy & Delicious Lunch Box Recipes


3) Chicken Tikka Wraps (3 of 8)

Chicken Tikka Wraps

3) Chicken Tikka Wraps (3 of 8)


This recipe is perfect for days when you want to have a fancy lunch at work. These wraps are delicious and take only a few minutes to prepare. These chicken tikka wraps are a combination of mouth-watering chicken, all your favorite salads, and your choice of sauce.

If you have a taste for spicy food, then you can add a flaming sauce of your choice in the wrap. You can also add any ingredient of your choice to this recipe and enjoy more personalized chicken tikka wraps for lunch at work.


  • 2 sliced spring onion
  • A 140g pack of cooked chicken tikka pieces
  • Halved and sliced ¼ cucumber
  • Torn leaves of a handful mint
  • Yogurt to serve
  • Shredded ¼ ice berg lettuce
  • 4 pieces of plain bread


  1. In a bowl, toss all the vegetables together.
  2. Place the bread in the microwave and set the temperature on medium until the bread puffs up.
  3. Add the chicken tikka pieces into a bowl and place in the microwave to warm them.
  4. Now split the breads in half and add salad.
  5. Add the chicken tikka pieces and some yogurt.
  6. You can also add any sauce of your choice.

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