Top 5 Cooking Techniques To Master For The Holidays


Seasoning (1 of 5)


Seasoning(1 of 5)


If you want your food to taste delicious, you need to master the art of seasoning. If you have seen cooking competitions on TV, you must be familiar with the face judges make when the meal is under or over seasoned. Two of the most used seasonings that almost every dish includes are black pepper and salt.

Other seasonings to elevate the flavors of your dish include white sauces, cumin, paprika, nutmeg, bitter greens, and more. When you are seasoning, take risks, but keep tasting the food as you do. You do not want to add too much salt or too much spice to the dish and ruin its taste.

Instead, adopt the taste and test mantra. In the beginning, you will make mistakes, but the mistakes will help you learn and correct your cooking technique for any future meals you cook. Remember to experiment with a variety of different seasonings.