10 Ways to Prepare Bacon

1) Waffle Iron Bacon (1 of 10)

Waffle Iron Bacon

1) Waffle Iron Bacon (1 of 10)


Pinterest users can’t stop raving about how easy it is to make bacon in a waffle iron. Join the hype by placing several strips of bacon in a waffle maker or waffle iron for 3 to 7 minutes. Flip the lid halfway throughout your preferred cook time to check the progress of your bacon.

You can let the strips overlap in a crisscross pattern or place the strips side by side in the waffle iron. Any type of waffle iron is fine if you want to cook bacon, and you can use any type of bacon in the machine.

Got an extra waffle maker on hand? Coat it with cooking oil and use it to cook frozen hashbrowns while your bacon gets crispy in the other waffle iron.


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