10 Handy Kitchen Tools That Make Life Easier

1) Hot Dog Slicer (1 of 10)

Hot Dog Slicer

1) Hot Dog Slicer (1 of 10)


Did you know that hot dogs are the #1 cause of food-related choking incidents in children under the age of 3? Consuming hot dogs is more dangerous for young kids than chowing down on grapes, nuts, and hard candy.

If you’re pressed for time or have multiple toddlers begging for hot dogs, it can take forever to carefully chop each hot dog into small pieces with a knife (well, at least it feels like forever when you’ve got small children begging you to hurry up and feed them). Save time by using a hot dog slicer to carefully slice hot dogs into small, evenly sized pieces. Doing so might just save your child’s life.

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