Top 5 Cooking Techniques To Master For The Holidays

5) Melted Sandwiches                                                        (5 of 5)


5) Melted Sandwiches                                                        (5 of 5)


The delicious melted sandwiches you see on TV are not impossible to make. You can make a tasty and mouthwatering sandwich at home—a sandwich, oozing melted and gooey cheese. You can make a scrumptious grilled cheese sandwich at home. Have your break and cheese slices ready and follow along.

You want to use grated cheese instead of whole slices or chunks of cheese. Grated cheese in comparison to whole slices melts better and quicker. Place grated cheese on top the bread. It is time to place the bread on a pan.

You need to cook your grilled cheese sandwich on medium heat because doing so, ensures the bread will not turn crispy before the cheese has a chance to melt. If the bread turns crispy before the cheese has had time to melt, the probability of your bread burning are high. Once you have nailed the technique down, you are ready to move on to the filling.

When it comes to filling, you have a number of options. You can layer the bread with difference types of cheese. You can add meat and vegetables to the bread. If you want to add egg, you can cook the egg first, add the cheese, and then start the melting process. You can use the same technique to prepare quesadillas.

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