11 Exotic Foods I Dare You To Try

1) Century Or Millennium Eggs (1 of 11)

Century Or Millennium Eggs

1) Century Or Millennium Eggs (1 of 11)


Century eggs smell like sulphur and ammonia, but if you can look past the smell, people say they actually taste quite delicious. What are century eggs though?

Century eggs are a popular Chinese dish and it is made with the eggs of chicken, quail, and duck. However, the technique to make the eggs is more shocking than the actual dish.

Chefs cook the eggs by covering them with clay salt and ash. They preserve the eggs for several months. By preserving the eggs, the egg’s yolk begins to decompose and turn into a green-like jelly mixture.

If you ask for century eggs, the chef will crack open the preserved eggs and serve it to you. The taste of the eggs is strong, but the Chinese seem to love and you never know, you may seem to love it as well.


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