5 Basics Everyone Who Cooks Should Know


1) How To Poach An Egg                               (1 of 5)


1) How To Poach An Egg                           (1 of 5)



Every Michelin star chef in high-end restaurants has to first learn the basics of cooking. And what can be more basic than a poached egg? It is the dish that many get scared of and only a select few can get it right. But don’t get intimidated because the recipe to a perfectly gooey and silky poached egg isn’t that difficult.


  • Fill a small saucepan with water and bring to a boil.
  • Once the bubbles start to arise, turn the heat down.
  • Slowly add the cracked egg from a measuring cup into the saucepan with water.
  • Add vinegar to the water to keep the white part in place and push the egg under the water very lightly.
  • Choose the duration of cooking depending upon how well you want your egg to be done.

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